▪     Effectively enter the world of teenagers

▪     Speak in the language of teens

▪     Handle teens without emotion (without losing your cool)

▪     Deal with conflict

▪     Take back the power in the parent/teen relationship

▪     Effectively interact with teens

▪     Use teen issues and needs to take back your (parent)

               power and control the relationship

▪     Take right-brain concepts and functioning and plug

               them into left-brain interactions

▪     Effectively challenge and engage teens to rise to

               their potential

▪     Understand how teens use power -- especially on parents

▪     Understand effective interactive structure so your teen

               feels permitted to use his own power

Best of all, as you begin to utilize these strategies with your teen, we will support you online through The Parents' Interactive Forum to guide you through any rough spots. If you're like almost all parents with teens or educators who teach teens, you know you can use all the help you can get. Today, more than ever, building a positive relationship with your teens is a daunting task to say the least.

The Language of Power© is a complete communication program based on 11 core principles that enable parents to deal effectively with teen problems by restoring the balance of power between parent and teen.  As you begin the program with your teenager, we provide online support though our Parents' Interactive Forum when you encounter possible rough spots. Briefly, the The Language of Power© Program will teach you to:

You can purchase The Language of Power © training module for $99.00 which includes the online Parent Forum. The Language of Power program is available to parents of teenagers and to public school teachers, educators and administrators who work with teens on a daily basis. Subscribe now.

What does the program cost?

It would be unrealistic to guarantee results when working with teenagers. But we are very confident that when a parent becomes committed to patience with and commitment to their teenagers, the program will be a positive influence and improvements to the relationships will be evident. We have found kids want to make things better but are mostly frustrated with their inabaility to do so.  The program helps create an environment where teenagers can embrace a positive path.  Once you begin the program you will have the support of our online forum to guide you through the rough spots as well.  We invite you to read more on our testimonial page for further insights.

How do I know it will work for me?

One of the great challenges of parenting is learning to deal with the teenage years. When it comes to actually raising one (or more), most parents share in their first-hand knowledge of frustration, disappointment, anxiety and yes, even anger. The fact we can all remember the actual difficulties of being a teenager doesn't help much in dealing with today's breed. Teenage years and the associated potential traumas definitely pass and with the onset of maturity, comes responsibility and a greater understanding of how important good communication is when trying to achieve success in life.

What the The Language of Power© Program excels at is its ability to lessen or even eliminate the damage that a bad relationship with your teenager can foster. This is what we believe is critical in reuniting yourself with your teenager.  When teenagers become difficult or even impossible to deal with, parents need to retake control of the situation and take back their power in the relationship. The program provides structure and tangible steps to achieve that.

When dealing with teenagers, the First Rule in the Book is to Get Their Attention.

The Biggest Mistake parents consistently make in dealing with their teenagers is that they forget Teenagers are Not Adults.

The eleven basic principles of the Language are

     1     Force teens to make choices

     2     The structure comes out of the interaction

     3     Make no judgements

     4     Ask questions, don't make statements

     5     Be rentlessly positive

     6     Be non-responsive to nonsense

     7     Give up the need to be right

     8     Make yourself the problem

     9     How high the moon?

     10     Paint them into a corner

     11     The chickens always come home to roost and

            everything comes out in the wash sooner or later.

            In a word - patience!

A sneak preview...

A Program To Help You Deal Effectively with Teen Problems

Drug and Alcohol Use

Sexuality Issues

Parental Disrespect

Teen Pregnancy

School Pressures

Adult Disrespect

Teenage Crime

Disregard for Authority

What is the Language of Power Program?

Investing in your teenager

How does it work?

1) You will receive, study and digest our complete online training video explaining the LOP and giving examples of each Principle.

2) When you are ready, you will begin using the LANGUAGE with your teen.

3) You will almost immediately have questions. You will submit these questions online and we will immediately answer.

4) In the beginning, we will consistently ask you " What did the teen say or do? What did you say or do? Which Principle or Principles were you using?

5) As you begin to become fluent in speaking the LANGUAGE you will almost immediately see changes in your teen as you gradually take your power back.

6) As you become more comfortable using the LOP you will have fewer and fewer questions and--eventually none.

7) You will no longer then have problems with teenagers-- or perhaps others in your life--because you will understand how power works in interactions with others. You will have "graduated"!

Help is here if you need it!

Why the Language of Power is worth it...

Despite their most vehement of denials, teenagers at their core need and want to know that we as the adults are in charge. (Young adults in their mid and later 20s will freely admit this, especially as they start families of their own). And so when we speak the LANGUAGE OF POWER© to our teens, we will almost instantly get their full attention and respect.

Why? Because by communicating with them based on how they think we are reassuring them that we as the adults understand. We understand that they are not yet playing with a full deck because their brains are not yet fully developed and that they can never admit to this. We also understand that they are struggling to get a handle on their intensely social world where image is king. And so the LANGUAGE is both a transformative and disruptive technology. Many if not most teens struggle with office type individual therapy.

What does one hour of good quality therapy cost? Compare that to what we offer. And that makes the LOP an absolute bargain. And, best of all, you will be in control and in charge. As you gradually learn to follow and apply the PRINCIPLES, you will almost automatically find yourself feeling more and more powerful.

Simply by how you communicate...

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