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The Language of Power is available to both parents and educators.  When subscribing you will receive online access to the complete program with step-by-step instructional features. You will also receive a link to the Online Interactive Parent Forum where you can see what other members are experiencing and sharing about their teenagers and program progress.  You are encouraged to submit questions and will receive answers from Country Joe privately.

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I wish to receive the LANGUAGE OF POWER© training module. I understand that this training is based on eleven Principles of communication and that I am free to follow or not follow them. If I choose to become familiar with the LANGUAGE, including THE FIRST RULE IN THE BOOK and THE BIGGEST MISTAKE parents and other adults make when dealing with teenagers, I understand that while learning, I may choose to ask questions of the trainers and that I am free to accept or not accept any advice given. Should I choose to follow any advice given, I understand that I alone am totally responsible for the results and consenquences, if any, of such a choice. If you believe your teenager suffers from serious and disabling mental illness (ex. autism, schizophrenia, etc.), please do not purchase or use the LANGUAGE OF POWER©.

A Program To Help You Deal Effectively with Teen Problems

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Sexuality Issues

Parental Disrespect

Teen Pregnancy

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“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward

Why the Language of Power is worth it...

Despite their most vehement of denials, teenagers at their core need and want to know that we as the adults are in charge. (Young adults in their mid and later 20s will freely admit this, especially as they start families of their own). And so when we speak the LANGUAGE OF POWER© to our teens, we will almost instantly get their full attention and respect.

Why? Because by communicating with them based on how they think we are reassuring them that we as the adults understand. We understand that they are not yet playing with a full deck because their brains are not yet fully developed and that they can never admit to this. We also understand that they are struggling to get a handle on their intensely social world where image is king. And so the LANGUAGE is both a transformative and disruptive technology. Many if not most teens struggle with office type individual therapy.

What does one hour of good quality therapy cost? Compare that to what we offer. And that makes the LOP an absolute bargain. And, best of all, you will be in control and in charge. As you gradually learn to follow and apply the PRINCIPLES, you will almost automatically find yourself feeling more and more powerful.

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