A Program To Help You Deal Effectively with Teen Problems

Drug and Alcohol Use

Sexuality Issues

Parental Disrespect

Teen Pregnancy

School Pressures

Adult Disrespect

Teenage Crime

Disregard for Authority

It's Always About Power!

Some teenagers learn how to take the power away from their parents as physical control gradually becomes impossible.

Such teens also seem to have no respect for parental authority and sometimes not even for the parent as a person.

What to do? In such situations, parents have one remaining "weapon" (tool)

Change the way we communicate.

If this "diagnosis" make sense, you may want to go directly to "IT'S 10:30 PM" to learn how this can be done. But a word of caution: this approach does not come naturally and you must do what is very difficult for all of us—park your ego at the door. But your reward might eventually be (practice, practice!) becoming a much more powerful person than you ever thought possible...

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